If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, you know there is only one word to describe it: pain. You can't pee, and when you do, you wish you hadn't because of the immense burning. To top it all off, you have to live with constant cramping in between your many potty breaks. In short, a urinary tract infection feels like death. There is no easy way to get through a UTI, but there are a few things you can do to make the infection heal faster and relieve some of the pain you are experiencing.

Water, Water And More Water

It sounds too simple, but drinking water is the only way to put your UTI on the fast track to healing. Your urethra is full of bacteria right now. The bacteria is what is causing the burning. In order to get rid of the bacteria, you need to flush it out of your system. The quickest way to do that is by drinking a ton of water and just when you think you can't drink anymore, drink another glass of water.

When you are done drinking water, if you feel you have to pee, even if it's going to be the tiniest amount, you have to do it. Frequently urinating will push the bacteria out, even if it's in small amounts. If you hold in your urine in fear of burning, your giving the bacteria a chance to multiply, making your infection even worse.

Spike It With Baking Soda

Baking soda is going to become your best friend during this time in your life. Baking soda is an alkaline and will neutralize the acid in your urine, making it more comfortable to urinate when the time comes.

Mix in two teaspoons of baking soda with eight ounces of cool water. Mix the two together until the baking soda completely dissolves. Drink a glass of baking soda water every morning until your UTI heals.


If you get sick of even thinking about water, munch on some cucumber slices. Cucumbers have high water content and will get the fluid in your system, so the bacteria gets flushed out. You can also hold a cold cucumber to your abdomen to take away the cramping associated with a UTI. Though it may sound really embarrassing to do, placing a cold cucumber over your underwear will take away the pain in your genitals, making it easier to urinate and get the bacteria out of your urethra. The embarrassment is well-worth the pain relief. It should go without saying that you don't want to use the same cucumber twice, so be sure you buy a few while at the store.

Urinary tract infections are nothing short of a curse. The built-up bacteria makes you hesitant to even use the bathroom out of fear that the burning won't stop. The only way to speed up the healing process is to flush out the bacteria from your system. By using the methods listed above, not only will you be able to flush out the bacteria quicker, you will also be able to find some relief during this painful time in your life. Contact a gynecologist like Rawtani Meera MD to learn more.