If you're having swollen feet during pregnancy this is a common symptom. It is something that you need to manage to be as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy. If you're having trouble managing the swelling of your feet during pregnancy there are a few strategies you can use to help you get a bit more comfortable. Here's what you can do.

Rest Your Feet

It may seem cliche but one of the easiest ways to help alleviate your swollen feet is to get off them and rest them. Whenever you have a chance to sit, do so and elevate your feet. Try to elevate your feet to heart level so that pressure on your veins decreases. You can use pillows to elevate your leg, do this for twenty minutes at a time.

Soak Your Feet

Another way in which you can reduce the swelling of your feet is by soaking them in water for a while. Get some cool water and put it in a bowl or your bathtub. The temperature of the water should not be too warm or too cold. When you place your feet in water that is cooler in temperature it will cause a reduction in blood flow to your feet and this will help to reduce the swelling. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly reduce swelling during pregnancy.

Get Compression Socks

Another way in which you can reduce swelling is by wearing compression socks. Compression socks will gradually increase the pressure that you feel in your legs and this will cause proper distribution of fluid which can reduce swelling.

Another benefit of compression socks is that they can help to prevent varicose veins which some women get during pregnancy. It's easy to spot varicose veins as they will begin as small little bumps on your skin and then get larger.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

A great way to stay comfortable is to make sure that you are choosing the right shoes. Your shoes should be comfortable and low-heeled. This is a time to bypass those stiletto and wedge heels that look fashionable but will not evenly distribute your weight while you are pregnant. Uneven distribution of your weight during pregnancy can lead to falls.

Swollen feet during pregnancy are one of the more uncomfortable things to deal with. Fortunately, as you can see there are many ways to help alleviate the problem.

Reach out to a local obstetric care clinic to learn more.